dolce Zola

Pasta made daily | BYOB



From the same family that brought i-pasta, the Belfiore family.

So what is dolce Zola?

We are a simple restaurant that loves cooking. We are constantly experimenting with new dishes and ingredients from all sorts of local farms located in Lancaster country. This spread of knowledge keeps our menus at dolce Zola in constant rotation, giving the best experience we can possibly give to all of you. Our main attractions are our pastas and sauces that are made from scratch everyday. However, while we will always be creating new pasta dishes, we will also be adding new creations. Pushing the limits of italian cuisine to bring to you a new modern italian experience by using local ingredients inspired by cultures from around the world!

Here is the best part about the new restaurant in our opinion. We decided to put aside 1% of the money we make so every month we can help who we can in our community eat healthy and sustainable food. We do this by donating to local charities and also by having our own food runs. We are a small business and this means that our reach is limited at the moment, but our dolce Zola family values something a lot more than money, and that is time. It is by giving our time to help others in our community that we can solve social issues. We hope to be expanding our reach soon and getting other restaurant partners involved in our team DOZO program.