dolce Zola

Pasta made daily | BYOB



dolce Zola was founded by the Belfiore Family with the knowledge of generations of true Italian cooking. We pay tribute to many classically acclaimed Italian dishes on our menu, but some of our best dishes are uniquely created by Husband and Wife chefs, Pietro Belfiore and Antonella Gamba.


Food Ethos

We are proud that our restaurant is joining in on the new agricultural standard by partnering with both local farmers and vendors from Italy. This is done to remove the big food industries from our supply chain in order to provide you with both fresh and authentic ingredients. To further our goal on becoming completely sustainable we abide by a strict ingredient procurement standard in which scratch cooking, animal welfare, and sustainable ingredients are our priority. On our menu we do not use veal or lamb and featured locally sourced ingredients come from Bucks County and Lancaster County farms. Not only do we use fresh, sustainable ingredients, but we also make everything in house daily, from our semolina pasta and sauces to our desserts.


Our mindset, rooted in Italy, is to have an abundance of choices on our menu for a fair price without sacrificing the quality. Having the choice of eating a quality meal, sustainably sourced, and at a fair price directly impacts our personal well-being, our community and environment.

Here is the best part about the new restaurant in our opinion. We decided to put aside 1% of the money we make so every month we can help who we can in our community eat healthy and sustainable food. We do this by donating to local charities and also by having our own food runs. We are a small business and this means that our reach is limited at the moment, but our dolce Zola family values something a lot more than money, and that is time. It is by giving our time to help others in our community that we can solve social issues. We hope to be expanding our reach soon and getting other restaurant partners involved in our team DOZO program.