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Over the centuries pasta has become a staple in many cultures around the world. In a span of 700 years from when pasta was first made many variations were created. Which by no means do I want to say that it's a bad thing, in fact it is an amazing thing. Experimenting with different grains and ingredients to make a similar product is fun and innovative, but what worries me today is the authenticity of a "quality" product.

With consumption of pasta as high as ever, producers want to move more and more product. Ultimately that is what most companies, for all products, want to do. However, this could lead to outcomes that are less than desirable. This can be seen in our agricultural system today. Many foods produced in America tend to be the ones often contaminated with loads of preservatives and other unnecessary ingredients. One perfect example is an apple laying on a supermarket shelf. As simple as it may seem the logistics of that apple quickly become complicated. To get to the point, a simple apple from a supermarket usually travels for 11 months on average before arriving to that shelf. To make things worse, when the apple is eaten you are no longer getting the essential nutrients, you ultimately end up eating a ball of sugar because of all the chemicals used to grow it. Unfortunately it is not just the apple, it is a whole variety of food products. Even though the nature of some of these preservatives are natural and might not cause damage to our health or environment, one thing is for sure, untouched food always tastes better. 

One of our many goals at dolce Zola is to be more than just a restaurant but a voice. A voice that speaks up and provides updated information to all our readers. We are part of a food industry that is now stuck between cross roads and has a choice to really thrive more than ever. With hydroponic vertical farms becoming bigger in our society we are hopeful to see a future that mirrors what we try to accomplish day in and day out. 

So what exactly was I referring to in the title? Our pasta. A food that for far too long has been seen as unhealthy is finally coming out in a big way. All our pasta is made with two and just two ingredients. Water and organic semolina flour. Though this might be one of the many variations of pasta created within the 700 years it is one that really hits home with us. However that does not mean we cannot have other unique pasta variations.(Spoiler alert)

As we conclude our experiments with new grains and ingredients we will soon be introducing a new type of pasta variation that is aimed to be sustainable and definitely adventurous. Stay tuned!